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Mercredi 18 septembre

Bonjour à tous,

après les poux vient le toux. Je suis entré en mode arrachement de poumon. Qué bonheur! Sinon mon infection dans le nez semble partie mais mon bouton ne bronche pas 🙁

Hier j’ai remis le nez dans la foudre. J’ai une étude à revoir et un appel d’offre à boucler pour vendredi.

Nous avons aussi vu notre N+3 venir nous parler qualité. Un grand moment… Nous avons l’audit Iso 9001 mardi prochain.

Biz et bonne journée à tous


Ok so today I’m in pain. I got two implants put in this morning and like always it’s just unpleasant. The good news is that these might be the last ones.

To get my mind out of my troublesome mouth I guess I will today do something drastictly different than usual… WORK. I have been thinking a lot about my general theme for next fall and you have all been a great help. And Betty I would truly love to see what you have done so far because you might think it’s not good but I would probably I have a very different opinion.

So my idea is to talk about nature.

For little boys I will have a t-shirts with a bikecycle showing the different elements of it since this has become my trademark. I will also have a pair of shoes as I guess walking they are still the most effecient way not to diffuse CO2. I will also have a « green slogan » T-shirt most probably the green team.  Finally I will have one with an animal. Maybe a tiger because they are an endangered specie.

For girls I will follow the same theme but I guess in a more girly way. For animals I was thinking of a little mouse hiding under an elephant because it’s raining. The idea being that we all need each other. I also want to do something with apples, because of course apples are good for you and they are the fruit of the season. And we should only eat fruits from the season. And finally I will have a slogan. I like green queen.

So that’s what I have so far today. I might have changed everything by tomorrow. We shall see I guess… If I have pictures I will post them on this blog.

Naomi dressed by mom

Think green

I am starting to work on the fall 09/10 collection and I would like to include a little bit of « green » in it. I’m not talking about the color but the enviroment. I need fun cool slogans. So I have stuff like :

Think green Think different

Green rocks

Peace, love, green

Green geek

I would love to pick your brains. It can be in french or in english of course.

bon ben…

Je suis plongée dans mes chiffres depuis 3 jours. J’essaie de comprendre ce que je dois faire de ma peau. La conjoncture est mauvaise. Les boutiques vont mals. Si je me projete au delà de cette année, je me dis qu’il faut continuer même si je ne gagne pas de sous, qu’il faut faire le dos rond. Mais je me demande aussi si c’est malin de bosser pour rien. Je n’imagine pourtant pas m’arrêter là. Bouh c’est pas la fête… sorry

Elle est pas belle la Nini?

UN belle photo de Naomi dans ses beaux habits « made by  » Les Petites Choses.