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Penelope still at work in Vegas…

I tried to post this picture on the family website but no luck with that.  This 
is the front of the quilt–the fun part–now I have to add batting and backing.  
So far I’ve worked about three years on this, off and on. 

Today, for a change, the sky is overcast and it’s not as hot as it has 
been–this past May was the hottest on record for Las Vegas (gasp!) 

Love to all– 


Alive and Well in Las Vegas, But No Frogs Yet

I’ve been racking my brain and crumpling a lot of paper the last few days in an effort to produce a cute, funny drawing of a team of frogs, but as I am no cartoonist, I don’t think I’m going to be much help.  I’d like to show a small group of them either wearing T-shirts or carrying signs saying. »I’m on the GREEN TEAM. »  I can picture them in my mind but when I try to draw them the results are, well, dismal.  In other words, my intentions are better than my drawing skills.  But I’ll try some more when I have time.  And did I mention that my scanner’s not on speaking terms with the computer?  

Well, at least things are looking up on the Stock Market!