I got up before dawn , today, faster than light… FTL.

Big room for once in Brussels. The weather forescast last night for today was rain, mounting up from the East of France, solidarité européenne oblige. Can’t see if it is here already.

Long trip by car from home to Chaussée de Louvain, last evening. The dusk was long and beautiful: the horizon stayed yellow and then green for what looked like hours. The radio was playing Dworak and Mendelsohn, no way I could choose anything else.  Somehow it took 2 hours and 45 minutes, while it is 30 minnutes faster on the way back. I should speak with my time czar and how he uses his chronometer, this does not make sense.

Bon, il faut que je rpépare ma réunion, pas eu le temps hier.

Love to everyone!