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Ah, I found it…

I found the link in my favoris. Blair says I’m a genius. I could almost run the socialist party.

I talked to Karen on the phone. She is settled in and even found a grocery store (a Monoprix) which is not easy to do in Paris. They’re going to do a « Paris by night » tour to get a feel for the layout of the city. Karen also told me that the Senate race between Franken and Coleman for the Senate is still not settled. There are only about 200 votes between them. So I’m glad the Birat family voted. There are moments when every vote counts.

I bought the prix Goncourt yesterday. Now all I need to do is find time to read it.

Love to all



  1. Sorry I haven’t had a lot to say recently but I just don’t sleep much at night so I’m only semiconscious most of the day. Kathie, if you talk to Karen again tell her hello for me–I hope she is enjoying her time in Paris.
    Love to all–


  2. She (Karen) certainly is… her last trip to Europe before the world falls apart.

    The way everyone in the business world is reacting and overreacting scares me. The illness is more serious than I thought and, with the people in charge, who made their fortunes by using the stock exchange and business board rooms as a casino, it is not clear if they can make any sound decision.

    We may not have noticed it, but Las Vegas had spread all over the world! Globalization, it is called.

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