Dear all,

I have put out my first fire of the day. I had made what someone considered a mistake on the job description for a Spanish professor. To hear her you would have thought the world was coming to an end. However, I called the personnel office this morning and found out we still had 48 hours to make changes in the job descriptions.Whew………

Thanks Betty for the info on UNLV. I think the French have no idea what is happening in universities in other countries. French university professors have enjoyed considereable freedom, even if their infrastructure cannot be compared with what is found in American universities. Now that someone is talking about tightening the screws, they’re up in arms. But if they do have to accept more constraints, it would be normal that their working conditions improve.

The sun is out even though it’s cold. France is bracing for national strikes tomorrow. The press is predicting a black Thursday (no reference to BHO).

Have a good one,