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Bayrou, we finally saw you….

Yes, François, we saw you for two minutes this morning on TV. Enough to recharge our middle of the road batteries.

Not too many signs of the strike here. Since my favorite radio station is also on strike, it’s hard to know what’s going on. I’m feeling the middle of winter blues and having a hard time maintaining my usual level of endurance. I must say my colleagues are trying to outdo each other in terms of general lack of cooperation. At the national level, the Ministry of Education has not yet admitted that they’re going to have to give in and listen to the universities on the question of teacher training. Valérie Pécresse (alias Alice in Blunderland) is still looking down the rabbit hole and wondering why the universities are not cooperating. If she looked out the window and saw what is happening in the streets she might get a clue.

I’ve been listening to Duffy in the car. Great rhythms!!!! The last song (Distant Dreamer) reminds me of something. Isn’t it a Queen song?

Have a good one, whatever rabbit hole you are looking down.



  1. Chez EDF tout le monde part pour la grande manif de 10h30. Ils ont de la chance y a du soleil. Par contre ca caille.

  2. ouais c’est vrai ils sont super malheureux chez EDF…
    Ah je suis contente que maman aime DUFFY!!

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