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Snow, short nights and video

These poor fellows in Lulea had weathered 50 cm of snow during the week end and the sidewalks were lined with 2m high iles of snow. The road were white, as they do not use any salt and I don’t know if it was not too cold for this. 

The sea was frozen and everyone took a walk on the ice, animals, people and skaters. Quite fascinating, with my Swedish colleages talking about their trip to their mountain cabin next week end to do ice fishing.

Brussels was more tradional, meetings piled up on top of meetings and diners and etc. I felt like a government mister… tired.


JP/Papi, home at midnight yesterday.

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  1. Wouah ca fait rêver!!
    Ca me fait penser que j’ai besoin de me trouver un nouvel appareil photo…

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